… by Best-Scrap-Community im Oktobr ist nun vorbei und ich möchte hier meine LO’s vorstellen.

02.10.08 – Scraplift-Challenge

Kit „Goodbye summer“ by Natali designs

05.10.08 Quote-Challenge

Kit „CherryKiss“, „LayeredEdges“ and „belleaffaire“ by sunflower

06.10.08 – Pimp your Style-Challenge

alte Version

„jardinextraordinaire“ and „orangeade“ by petitmoineaux
diamond by Pixelfairy Kit „Fiona“

07.10.08 – Wordart-Challenge

WA by SaNo Design @ Digi-Scrap-Cafe & Scrap-Lädchen;
Kit „goodbye summer“ by Natali Designs

08.10.08 – 10-Dinge-Challenge

„JanMalte and Janine“ by DarkAngel
„addiction and sweet variation“ by happyscrap
Alpha „Mira“ by Pixelfairy (eingefärbt)
butterfly and stitch by pelzi

09.10.08 – All-about-me-Challenge

Elements of Kits „Ameli, Alicia and Gabriella“ by lauraskathi
String stitches,Circle zig zag stitch, Pieces of string and Crumble-Paper by Gunhild
Scraplift by Jersey

10.10.08 – Skizzen-Challenge

Kit „Enchanting Autumn“ by Pixelfairy
Kit „InTheTavern“ by WaterLO Project
Skizze by Dawn Inskip

11.10.08 – Scraplift-Challenge

Kit „Enchanting Autumn“, „Fiona“ and Alphas by Pixelfairy
Kit „InTheTavern“ and „Autumn“ by WaterLO Project
Box „Sven“ by DarkAngel
Lifting „autumn treasures“ by She

12.10.08 – Template-Challenge

Kit „Chou“ by Petitmoineaux
Template 51 by Timounette

13.10.08 – Font-Challenge

Kit „Chou“ by Petitmoineaux
WA by Hilleke

14.10.08 – Rezept verscrappen

15.10.08 – ABC_Challenge

Kit „jardinextraordinaire“ by petitmoineaux
Kleeblatt by DarkAngel
Bildrahmen-Quickpage by HomeGrown
Doodle by Evercila

16.10.08 – Freundschaft-Challenge

Evening Forest by WaterLO
Rahmen und Heftklammer by Pixelfairy
Doodle by Evercila
Schreibpapier by me

17.10.08 – Wordart

Paper by Pixelfairy
Sturmdoodle by WaterLO (eingefärbt)

18.10.08 – Template-Challenge

Paper by Nachtamazone (eingefärbt)

19.10.08 – ZIP-Challenge

Dream Whispers by Jovia Designs

20.10.08 – Font-Challenge

Enchanting Autumn by Pixelfairy
Evening Forest and Autumn by WaterLO
Lovely Fall Arrangement by MP_Design
Font: Fingerprints Inside and Alien Strawberry

21.10.08 – Scraplift-Challenge

Delicacy by Martencja Design
Original by Pam1
Font: Harting plain

24.10.08 – Word_Challenge

„Fiona´s Birthday“ by Pixelfairy-Design @ digi-scrap-cafe.de, scrapshop24.com, scrappindigikreations.com & studiostyledesigns.com
Acrylic Words by Krakatuka
Cute Phone Scrap Stax „Hello Kitty“ by Vanillecola

25.10.08 – Freebie verscrappen

Freebie by Newlife Dreams Designs

26.10.08 – Sketch-Challenge

Kit passionnement by petitmoineaux

27.10.08 – Unmögliches Foto

Sea by Timkova
A la faveur de l’automne by bidouille
Template 3 by Gégé & Zaza
Font: Sketchathon

28.10.08 – Scraplift-Challenge

Autumnbloomsminikit and paper by Kiki
Rest by Pixelfairy

29.10.08 – Freebie-Challenge

In the sleeping Orchard by WaterLO
Font: Julies

30.10.08 – Wordart-Challenge

Frame, paper and bow by ScrapMalin
Heart, flower and butterfly by Lauraskathi
Doodle by Petitmoineaux
Oldpaper by Kiki
Wordart by Hilleke
Stitch and clip by me

31.10.08 – Halloween-Challenge

Mega-Gemeinschaftskit „memepaspeur_lescupinescreations“ by Thaliris, Scrap’Anges,
Nanedejardin, Moune, Dydyge, Cecile and Anchlove
Foto by Pippi